Laser, LED & Lamp Safety

Services for Manufacturers

The functionality of a product has obviously top priority for the manufacturer. However, the safety of a product is also “a piece of the puzzle”, that is just as important for a marketable appliance: a product that is operating well, but cannot be classified ”safe“ in accordance with product safety regulations, is not allowed to be placed onto the market, at least according to regulations in Europe, but also in many other countries. Also an “unsafe” (in legal language “defective”) product has a corresponding liability risk. 

To support the manufacturer in all relevant issues related to laser safety and the safety of optical radiation, we offer testing as well as consulting and risk analysis to accompany the development:

Our internationally acknowledged expertise (more about our standardisation work) comprises testing regarding standard conformity as well as assessment of the risk for injury, both of which together form the basis for a state of the art risk analysis as required by product safety legislation.

We point out that in some of the cases the conformity with the laser standard IEC 60825-1 is not sufficient to produce a “safe” product – for instance, a product correctly classified as class 3B according to the standard is per-se not safe and not marketable as a household device. Additional fundamental legal provisions have to be considered in this case. Since we has also concerned ourselves with legal background know-how to the extent that we published a book on this issue in German (download e-book), we can offer a unique combination of know-how on laser safety classification, exposure limits, bio-effects background and risk for injury as well as legal requirements.

We support the manufacturers‘ efforts to ensure the safety required by law, while optimizing the functionality.