Risk analysis beyond exposure limits

Laser, LED & Lamp Safety

For some special products it might be necessary to consider the actual biological effects caused by exposure of the eye and the skin in the sense of the risk for injury. For this purpose we have …

  • exclusive know-how about the impact of exposure of the eye and the  skin, which we obtained through our research projects on the evaluation of retinal damage thresholds as well as through participation in committees and expert-workshops,
  • a complete data collection and bibliography of all injury thresholds that were used as the basis of setting the exposure limits,
  • fully validated simulation software for the quantitative prediction of injury thresholds in terms of thermal retinal and corneal damaging.

Our simulation software for simulating eye-damage is, above all, valuable for the characterisation of the risk for injury during a fault. If it is possible to demonstrate that the risk for injury is small or even negligible, then the respective fault can be characterised as "not reasonably foreseeable", independently of the probability that the fault occurs (see also our ILSC 2013 paper on risk analysis in the download section).



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