Testing of Lasers

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Testing of Laser Products

Laser products are classified on an international level according to the standard IEC 60825-1. In the USA the CDRH’s legal provisions CFR 1040.10 and in some cases the user standard ANSI Z.136 are applied correspondingly.

>> Classification according to IEC 60825-1 and EN 60825-1

>> Classification according to CDRH und ANSI Z136.1

In 2021, a new standard for consumer laser products, EN 50689 was published in Europe. EN 50689 regulates which classes are accepted for consumer lasers for the European market (see also White Paper on EN 50689).

We are also a CB-Testing Laboratory (CBTL) for the IECEE CB-scheme where we offer CB testing for IEC 60825-1 and IEC 62471.



For performing the tests, we have an array of measurement equipment and in-house-developed measuring procedures and evaluation methods at our disposal. Our equipment, for instance, enables us to take into consideration the accommodation process of the eye by means of an efficient automated measuring procedure, to determine the most-restrictive-position and to evaluate the thermally effective retinal image diameter (angular subtense of the apparent source) of a complex image pattern. All these parameters have become essential during the 2007 revision of the standard IEC 60825-1 in order to correctly classify extended sources. To be able to take the increase of laser emission at low temperatures into consideration, we have a climatic chamber at our disposal. 

Recommendations and conclusions as well as the characterisation of risk for injury that exceed the accredited range can be officially stated in Expert Opinions.